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Welcome to the KTP Athletics online badminton pro shop! Here you can make purchases for quality badminton equipment, from shoes to racquets and bags to shuttles! All purchases made here are not only at a savings compared to regular retail prices but also support KTP Athletics and their programs! We also have many demo racquets that you can try before making a purchase. If you are interested in trying a racquet, please contact Kurt Tempelmans Plat,at ktpathletics@gmail.com.

If you are new to KTP Athletics, and are not aware of us...we are the only badminton lesson, team, and camp provider in the North Bay area. We run the North Bay Badminton Team as well, North Bay's only competitive badminton program. We are always looking for more participants from ages 4 to adult! For more information please visit www.ktpathletics.com or reach us at ktpathletics@gmail.com